Membership Schemes

We recognise that every grower has individual requirements to help maximize yields and profit.

We therefore offer two separate Fast Membership Schemes:

  • A Basic Membership
  • A Bespoke Scheme tailored to suit your needs

The Basic Membership:

On Farm Visits

  • Full access to Basis qualified specialist fruit agronomists supplying independent and practical advice
  • Continuity of advice by telephone and email

Independent Crop Protection Advice

  • Regular, crop specific newsletters (fortnightly in winter) providing practical timely advice, reminders and relevant industry news.
  • Annual technical manuals and subsequent updates
  • Access to a national network of weather stations for scab, codling, nectria and mildew models via Members-Only website services
  • Latest pesticide information

Benefits from Fast’s own trials site

  • Evaluation of new products and varieties
  • Trialling new growing systems
  • Up to date trials on new products such as PreTect

Crop Management

  • Site selection
  • Growing systems
  • Orchard design
  • Planting & crop establishment
  • Tree management
  • Crop management
  • Crop protection
  • Crop nutrition
  • Cash flows
  • Organics

Crop Nutrition

Tree Fruits
  • Nutrient programme
  • Regular foliar feed programme
Soft Fruits
  • Precision feeding
  • Irrigation monitoring

Laboratory Services

  • Fruit Analysis
  • Soil Sampling undertaken every 3 years with full recommendations
  • Leaf Analysis

Invitation to Members-Only conference and events

Access to members area of website

Bespoke Membership Package:

In addition to the Basic Membership a grower can select any of the following:

Crop Monitoring

From March to October  this service covers pest and disease monitoring, nutrition and husbandry advice

On Farm Visits

An additional programme of on farm visits to suit growers’ requirements

Laboratory services

Targeting any specific problems, extra services include water, sap or substrate analysis


A twice weekly bulletin covering Scab, Codling Moth, Mildew, Fireblight and Nectria outbreaks