Practical Agronomy – Blueberries

Advice on Crop Husbandry from planting through to harvest and beyond

Large areas of Blueberries have been planted in the UK over the last decade and for many growers of soft fruit the long term nature of this crop provides new challenges. Members of the FAST advisory team have been at the forefront of the development of this crop and are able to provide sound advice to get the best returns from the substantial long term investments made by growers.

Site selection

For soil grown blueberries site selection and preparation is crucial in order to maximise returns. Soil type, pH and organic matter content are all key.

Growing Media

Where soil conditions don’t suit soil production, containerised growing is a viable option. FAST provides advice on the growing media, variety choice, irrigation and nutrition required to make this system work profitably.

Bush Management

Advice is available on pruning, nutrition & crop load of each variety to ensure maximum yields over the life of this long term crop. Comprehensive advice is based on regular compost and leaf analysis.

Pest & Disease Control

FAST advisers have developed a flexible but cost efficient spray programme to reduce losses from pest & disease. Most importantly this has been designed to minimise the risk of detectable spray residues.