Soft Fruit

Practical Agronomy – Soft Fruit

Advice on Crop Husbandry from planting to storage

All the members of the advisory team have had practical experience of crop production and several of the team have been involved in managing horticultural enterprises.  We endeavour to ensure that the advice offered is sound and able to be implemented.

Site selection

Advice on the best varieties and growing systems for each site taking into account the soil type, height and aspect, and previous cropping.

Growing Systems

Assisting the grower to select the most appropriate system for his site and within the constraints of his whole enterprise, taking into account the physical, manpower and financial resources of the farm.

Planting & crop establishment

Selecting the best plant type for the growing system and ensuring that the planting time matches the crop scheduling requirements of the farm.  Advice on plant establishment to ensure optimum cropping.

Crop management

Advice on irrigation, nutrition, pest & disease control, plus temperature management under protected cropping.  All advice is aimed at ensuring that yields and quality are maximised.