Stone Fruit

Practical Agronomy – Stone Fruit

Advice on Crop Husbandry from planting to harvest

All the members of the advisory team have had practical experience of crop production and several of the team have been involved in managing horticultural enterprises.  We endeavour to ensure that the advice offered is sound and able to be implemented.

Site selection

Advice on the best varieties and tree types for each site taking into account the soil type, height and aspect, and previous cropping.

Orchard design / planting systems

We are able to give comprehensive advice on modern planting systems to maximise returns.

Covering Systems

We are able to advise on the most economic covering systems to suit grower’s requirements and give advice on materials and costings for each system.

Crop establishment

Selecting the right tree type, and ensuring that planting is done correctly and at the right time.  Advice on care of young trees to maximise the crop in the early years and ensure the orchard becomes profitable as soon as possible.

Tree management

Advice on pruning, tree training, use of growth regulators etc. to maintain optimum cropping of quality fruit.

Spray Programmes

We advise on cost efficient programmes to reduce pest and disease, most importantly to minimise the risk of detectable spray residues. These programmes are updated regularly and adjusted if new research on efficacy of new materieals becomes available.

In view of concerns on residues on marketed fruit, all our programmes are adjusted to minimise risk of detactable levels at picking.

Crop management

To ensure the correct crop load is carried each year we provide advice on improving flower quality and fruit set, and if necessary thinning.

Crop Nutrition

Comprehensive advice based on regular soil, leaf and fruit analysis.


Variety trials of both Plum and Cherry that have market potential are being carried out on our research site at Brogdale. These will be asessed over a 5 year period to determine their commercial viability.

Tree Supply

We can supply Plum and Cherry trees and are able to advise and source modern rootstocks to suit growers growing requirements.