A New Solution to Fruit Firmness & Shelf Life

An alternative to chemical controls – a natural product that is classified as a plant health regulator rather than a pesticide. Contains 0.1% harpin protein. Harpin proteins are naturally occurring proteins exuded from common diseases.

How It Works…

  • Protein binds to the plant’s early warning receptors.
  • Receptors react by sending signals to the rest of the plant that an attack is in progress.
  • Plant activates both its self-defence response (increasing plant stamina and stress tolerance levels) and an additional growth response (amplfies the plant current growth activities including increasing calcium and potassium uptake).
  • The comination of the two responses is thought to result in better yields, better fruit quality and extended shelf life.

Other Benefits…

  • NO harvest interval
  • NO MRL concerns
  • NO user safety issues
  • NO hazard to bees or other beneficials

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