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Every month we promote new or existing products that are available to top, soft and stone fruit growers or vines.  For more information on any or all of our products use our Contact us form



Bumble Bees – We are now taking orders for Bumble Bees for deliveries in 2022.  Order your bees now to take advantage of the early pre-order discount – but BEE quick, this is only open until 20th December 2021.  For more details click here…


Gala Wildfire® RKD (cov) – The new Gala clone that has the potential to ripen 18-21 days earlier!  Found about 10 years ago in Washington State (USA), no other clone known until now ripens that early.  Click here..


Anti-Stress, Frost Protection – We are giving you the opportunity to pre-order our popular product in your fight against frost during Spring 2022.  This is to avoid any disappointment  due to high demand as experienced earlier in 2021.  The order deadline to get the special PRE-ORDER price is 29th October 2021.  For more information click here.

FAST School of Fruit growing – We are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for our Blueberry, Cane Fruit, Fertigation Chemistry, Stone Fruit, Strawberry and Top fruit School of Fruit Growing courses for 2021/22.  For information and to download our brochure and the course dates, please visit our School of Fruit Growing page.


FAST Biodiversity – cover crops and wildflowers – build a sustainable and biodiverse environment for your crop whether it be top, soft and stone fruit or vines.  The use of cover crops and wildflowers has become an increasingly recognised part of farming.  For more details and the advantages, Click here.


Suzukii Trap – SWD lure – SWD affects soft skinned fruit crops – primarily cherries, plums, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes.  Click here for more details and results of attractant comparisons


Fortifos 600 – less fuss, more phos! – 600g/L phosphorous acid present as mono and di potassium
phosphonate concentrated for maximum effect, lowering your input costs whilst maximising your yields.
Click here for details


Anthopak 500 (Anthocoris nemoralis) – With warmer weather pear sucker can be expected to build, so now is the time to be looking for eggs and planning your first Anthocorid introductions rather than going straight in with chemical sprays.  Click here for details on quantities required to obtain control.

Spring Leaf Analysis – Spring leaf analysis for both soft and top fruit is vital for the diagnosis of nutritional weaknesses, revealing both  deficiencies and excesses, at a time when you can influence your current crop. For details on spring leaf analysis click here…. For more information on our Laboratory and all the analysis services we can provide click here

Pheromone Traps – Why use pheromone traps?  Monitoring insect pests is a crucial part of any proactive IPM programme. Monitoring traps not only allow for the detection of pests but also provide estimates of pest distribution. Click here for more information…


SWD Monitoring – Trap based monitoring is essential to ensure that control measures can be put in place before eggs are seen on developing fruit. Click here for more detail…

Nemamax® – The latest nematode efficient at lower temperatures…  Nemamax® contains beneficial nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis downesi. The species follows a cruiser strategy to locate potential hosts, so it disperses well in soils and substrates.  The entomopathogenic nematode in nemamax® is a natural enemy of many insect pests so it can be applied in organic production without any restriction. Click here for details of how it works and how best to apply…