Product of the month

Every month we promote new or existing products that are available to top, soft and stone fruit growers.


Nematodes – FAST highly recommend starting applications of the nematode Heterorhabditis bacteriophora (Nematop®) from early August

ProTAC sf –  FAST are pleased to announce that we are now able to supply an exciting new product for the treatment of pear psylla, aphids, spider and rust mite.  100% green, ProTAC sf has zero residue, zero active chemical ingredients and no chance of resistance developing in target pests.


Fitopak (Phytoseiulus persimilis) – for the control of Two Spotted Spider and Red Spider mite. Available in 2 sizes


Anthopak 500 (Anthocoris nemoralis) – Now is the time to be looking for eggs and planning your first Anthocorid introductions.

FresaControl & BerryControl Intended as a replacement for aphicide applications.  FresaControl controls all common species of aphid in strawberry, BerryControl is for raspberry species.

SWD Monitoring – For a pest such as Drosophila, ongoing monitoring is essential to ensure that control measures can be put in place as soon as they are found and before they have time to start laying eggs on developing fruit.


Nemamax® 2020 – The new kid in town…  Nemamax® contains beneficial nematodes of the species Heterorhabditis downesi. The species follows a cruiser strategy to locate potential hosts, so it disperses well in soils and substrates.

Pheromone traps – Why use pheromone traps?  Monitoring insect pest is a crucial part of any proactive IPM programme.

WinterGuard – Beat the birds.  As buds swell they become attractive to pigeons, Winter Guard has been effective in deterring them.


Anti-Stress – Anti-stress is a non-toxic biodegradable water-based polymer coating that can minimise the damage of climate related stress.


Mycor A & Pralor A – The best start for your new fruit trees and vines.  Contains a strain of mycorrhizae, Glomus intraradices, which has a greater capacity for colonization and is more robust than other species.