Our stakes come from a well established producer in Belgium. For further information or a quote please click contact us or email: stating name, telephone number plus quantity required and size.

What makes a good stake?


For perfect preservation the processed wood must be completely dry. Our supplier is equipped with the most up-to-date automatically-controlled kilns for this purpose.

Creosoting is a time-tested wood preservative for stakes, poles and railway sleepers. The wood acquires a dark brown colour through preservation at 110°C.

Our Creosted spruce stakes will last much longer than pine stakes which tend to be machine rounded. Non-creosoted (white) stakes are salted and are liable not to last more than 3 years.

Double-impregnated softwood has a particularly long life. The entire post is treated with salt and the lower part in addition with creosote. Through this, the useful life of our impregnated posts amounts to over 20 years. In the lower area, which permanently stands in soil and dampness, creosote effectively protects against decay.

In the upper area, the treatment with salt has been proven to be effective, as the mesh material tolerates this impregnation the best. In this way the life of the mesh is extended and maintenance costs are decreased.


Hop Gardens and Orchards




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Durable Orchard Hail Protection

We can supply:

  • the bamboo canes
  • clips which attach the tree to the canes
  • the middle and end bars
  • associated tensioners
  • end poles