Sap Analysis

The need for rapid monitoring of fertigated fruit and vegetable crops has led to the development of sap analysis for rapid plant nutrient status analysis. Sap Testing is a sophisticated system for identifying nutritional disorders, and to help in formulating on-going fertiliser programmes, and it is now widely accepted as an important tool for nutrient management.

By regularly analysing plant sap and soil extracts for essential elements and considering the dynamics of the changes in these levels, we can apply basic rules of plant physiology, and a detailed diagnosis of nutrient or other management problems can be made. The sap test data can also be used to identify the effects of extreme environmental conditions that can be minimised by timely foliar applications of the correct nutrients.


Type of Analysis available

Elements Analysed

Short Sap (code SLA)

Nitrate nitrogen, P, K, Mg, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B for ‘sappy’ crops such as potato & tomato

Long Sap (code OLA)

Nitrate nitrogen, P, K, Mg, Ca, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, B for other crops that require a longer extraction procedure

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