School of Fruit Growing

With a combination of over 35 years’ experience on a wide variety of farms, FAST’s staff are ideally qualified to present these courses on how to grow soft/tree fruit successfully. Following the successful introduction of on-line courses last Autumn, we are pleased to announce that these will continue into the coming autumn and winter.

Our courses on Blueberries, Cane Fruit, Stone Fruit, Strawberries, Top Fruit and Fertigation Chemistry are developed for managers and technical staff in farms and businesses throughout the fruit industry.

To exploit the high value markets and make best use of a limited supply of labour, choosing the right growing system and harnessing the power of scientific knowledge alongside more traditional growing skills has never been more important. The courses are grounded in sound scientific principles to give attendees a thorough understanding of the fruit production cycle and how soils, the environment, management practices and husbandry techniques influence yield and quality.

In depth explanations of the life cycles of the pests and diseases will enable course members to understand how current and future control measures can meet the objectives of growers and consumers.

Matching output with demand or with available labour, requires a good understanding of the different  plant types and the effect of planting date and growing  systems for berry fruits.

Picking dates and storage systems are of similar importance for successful top fruit production, while an understanding of covering systems has become increasingly important for stone fruit growing production cycle, on yield and quality for stone fruit.

Communication systems now enable us to provide excellent live class-room style interaction on-line, providing a rich mix of slides, video clips and ‘break out’ discussions.

These modular courses run over 3 days (Strawberry), 1 day (Blueberry), 1 day (Cane Fruit), 5 days (Top Fruit),  2.5 days (Stone) and 1 day Fertigation Chemistry.

‘Live’ courses: Our team will be pleased to visit client premises to provide live courses for small groups where these can be carried out safely with due regard to the risks posed by Covid-19.

Bespoke courses:  These can be tailored to match the needs of your enterprise in terms of crop mix, team skills/experience and business aims using material from the FAST School of Fruit Growing as half or whole day courses, on-line or in classroom.

You can choose to take individual modules or book for the whole course. For further information on the modules –click here for the School of Fruit Growing Brochure.Click here for on-line course dates and prices.

Alternatively give us a call on 01795 533225 or please contact us.