Trials Department


Fruit Advisory Services Team’s trials facilities are based at Brogdale Farm, Faversham, Kent in the heart of the fruit growing industry. The department was founded in 2006 to underpin advancements introduced by FAST and to support agronomic advice.

During its first 10 years FAST Trials expanded to accommodate client research. Trials team services are available to breeders, distributors, growers, nurseries, government departments, manufacturers, marketing groups, national and multinational companies and supermarkets.

We also participate in collaborative research and development schemes with partners and other research organisations.

To promote future industry development we continue to conduct self funded projects for grower members.

FAST LLP is ORETO certified (Official Recognition of Efficacy Testing Organisations) and its trials’ work conforms to Good Experimental Practice.

Download our certificate: ORETO Certificate

The FAST trials site facilities include pome and stone fruit orchard plots plus polytunnels for protected crops.