Trials Support

The Trials Department is supported by FAST Advisors, Laboratory, Farm Manager and Administration Teams.

The team collaborates closely with FAST Advisors resulting in excellent management of plant husbandry, health and quality control in our trials and a focus on resolving the practical problems that growers face.

Transfer of knowledge gained from trials and development is skilfully communicated to growers by FAST Advisors at member and other events leading to improved uptake of findings by the industry.

The FAST on-site laboratory is fully equipped to conduct mineral analyses of a wide range of materials including leaf and fruit tissue, soil, compost media, sap and liquid samples. This efficient facility is ideal for trials involving changes to nutrient uptake, soil management, appraisal of fertilisers and foliar feeds etc.


For more details or to arrange a visit please contact:

Abi Dalton,
Trials Manager
07907 851197